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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 57.2%

A:   333   Joined
B:   249   Not Joined


•   Pat Von Seth (Fromen)  7/21
•   Barbara Chunn (Fousek)  7/20
•   Paul K. (Keith) Townsend (Townsend)  7/15
•   Janie Bingham (Burton)  7/15
•   David Southworth (Southworth)  7/15
•   Dale Johnson (Johnson)  7/15
•   Denise Smith (Jones)  7/11
•   Linda Clapp (Tripp)  7/11
•   Beth Tingley (Gross)  7/10
•   Steve Gennaro (Gennaro)  7/9
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•   Randy Boyles


•   James Lashley (Lashley)  7/21
•   Terry McFetters (Ball)  7/22
•   Cynthia Shoemaker (Moore)  7/22
•   David Hamilton (Hamilton)  7/23
•   Giles Dixon (Dixon)  7/24
•   Bunny Coble (Lewis)  7/26
•   Susan A. Dance (Thomas)  7/27
•   Carol Dochety (Singer)  7/27
•   Rie Davis (Osborne)  7/28
•   Judy Myers (Julian)  7/28
•   Gary McNeill  7/29
•   David Green  7/31
•   Bennett M. Keasler (Keasler)  7/31
•   Tom Reed (Reed)  8/2
•   Martha Gabriel (Peck)  8/3
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Donations enable your Reunion Committee to continue to add features to your Reunion while keeping the cost to you fixed. They also enable us to have a website to communicate!

<<<==== Register for our Reunion, Click Left of Red Pointer

  GHS Class of '69 50th Reunion Weekend Oct 4-6, 2019  

Big Event:  Oct 5th, Marriott GSO Airport, heavy hors d'oeuvres, and ...

The Attractions Band

Book your room for $119/night plus tax by  Clicking on this Link

Dear Classmates,

     As we enjoy a good summer and now celebrate people walking on the moon for the first time, let’s also think of our 50th high school reunion celebration!! The dates are October 4-6, 2019 and deadlines are quickly approaching, so your reservations are needed. On our class’ web site, you can sign up for events that weekend and pay to attend. Payments can made with credit card or you can send a check. All of this information is on the web site. You can also make an online donation to our reunion.  Now we are beginning to look for personal or corporate advertisements in a “memory book” we will distribute at the reunion.

    Remember, people will want to see you and learn what all has happened in the last 50 years!! These are people we all grew up with and recall as acquaintances and friends. This entire reunion weekend is a GIFT we are giving to ourselves to celebrate a very real milestone. It’s a BIG celebration!!

    The committee wants as many of you that can to attend. This probably be our last “formal” reunion, so you won’t want to miss it!!  We need your reservation by the end of August and that’s only 6 weeks away. Update your profile on our web site and sign up to attend NOW!!!


50th Reunion Committee

                                                            View Our Graduation Program


Your 50th Reunion Committee

Terry McFetters Ball, Randy Boyles, Lynn Moore Gordon, Beth Tingley Gross, Kenny Huffine, Carol Keesee, Mandy Lane Kinney, Ann Long, Catherine Magid, Rendy Rendleman, Craig Siler, Becky Price Stump, Gibby Edwards Waitzkin, Suzanne Wells Whitley

By Wikiusermike at en.wikipedia - I took the photos with a Kodak z950 and made the panorama using AutoStitch.Transferred from en.wikipedia by SreeBot, CC BY 3.0,


Grimsley is on Wiki, Click here for a look at History (and memories)


We Still Need Donations - This will defray costs of our 50th Reunion and allow us to keep individual costs of attending as low as possible.

 If you would like to make a cash donation to the class operating fund we have established three giving levels...

$500 Gold, $250 Silver, $100 Bronze

Please write a check to Grimsley Class of 1969
Send to:
 TM Ball, Inc., P.O. Box 10815, Greeensboro, NC 27404.
Write on the check "Donation to class operating fund".

Your donation will be listed on the "Donations" page of our website FOREVER and it will be acknowledged at future events!

The Reunion Committee thanks you for your support!

45th Reunion Committee
Scott Adair, Terry McFetters Ball, Randy Boyles, Howard Clein, Lori Clewis Eaton, Brent Cousins, Jane Fulton, Lynn Moore Gordon, Hank Henretta, Ken Huffine, Mandy Kinney, Ann Long, Cathy Magid, Paula McDonald, Chris Rumley, Craig Siler, Suzanne Wells Whitley 

40th Reunion Committee
Terry McFetters Ball, Linda Robinson Bennett, Randy Boyles, Laura Bridges, Patty Bridges, Debbie Wilhelm Crater, Nancy Bass Drake, Lynn Moore Gordon, Ken Huffine, Martha Monnett, Rendy Rendleman, Craig Siler, Suzanne Wells Whitley