Margaret A. Holloway Holloway

Profile Updated: November 25, 2009
Residing In: North Kingstown, RI USA
Spouse/Partner: Divorced
Children: Corrie Caputo Commisso, born 1974 lives in Shelby Township, MI. Stacy Caputo Douglas born in 1979, lives More…in Hudson, N.H. and Matthew John Caputo, born in 1981, lives in Plymouth, MI
Occupation: Nanny
Military Service: Air Force Wife for 20 + years! Does that count?
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I have five grandchildren. They are the joy of my life! Three born to Corrie and Rick Commisso. Blake, 10 years old, Abby, 6 and Emmy, 5. Two grandchildren born to Stacy and Brian Douglas. They are Reilly, 3 and Teagan, 5 months. My grandchildren have been the catalyst for a lot of healing since my divorce, four years ago.

Schools After GHS:

Greensboro College
Medical Assistant, Medical Terminology courses since then. Have attended "The Humor Project" three years in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Fantastic! check out I worked in transcribing, and as a Comptroller before finding my way to being a "Nanny", a job I love!

Favorite GHS Memories:

My sister, Patty, and I had moved to Greensboro the summer before our sophomore year. The school I came from was made up of grades 6-11 and only had about 100 in the graduating class. Grimsley was like being placed on a college campus! Still, I loved going to lunch, and loved the fact that we could spend some time out of doors during the day. I would say that I had a very difficult adjustment, just barely passing some of my classes - except Art class, where I shined. Thank goodness! My Algerbra teacher took pity on me and passed me because I helped a student who could not speak English and I had a smattering of Spanish! I was not a very good student, but I had lots of friends! Somehow I graduated.

The friends I do remember were: "Weedie" Hodges, Patti Howell, Bonnie Boyle, Shae', Lorraine Higdon, Larry Hollifield, (Larry, who was the incredible artist in our class who was kind of "out there", did she bring a Ouija board to school? She helped me get a job painting faces on manakins in Greensboro - what fun! Oh, and Chris Hubbard! And all the gang who were part of the charasmatic home fellowship...I loved those kids, they were the first to welcome me and they helped me a lot! Susan Dockery, Patti Howell, Cindy Shoemaker, they were very nice to me. And BARBARA MANDELKORN! I couldn't forget you, Barbara! I have missed you so much!

I had a wonderful time attending Governor's Honors School at Salem College during the summer before my senior year. It was amazing! I miss North Carolina!

I think I remember something sad that happened at the school. Did a young man drink something in the lab and jump out a window, or am I just imagining it?


I love to read, write poetry, paint, decorate, garden, and play with my grandchildren! I'm very active in my church, Faith Baptist (Southern Baptist) in Warwick, R.I. I am a "soccer nanny" and attend cross-country meets on a regular basis!

Highlights Since GHS:

I worked for Western Union International in Greensboro and lived in a tiny appartment for several years, just a block from the school, after graduating. I was married three days after my fiancee graduated from Wake Forest in 1971. We held our reception in the Alpha Sig Fraternity House!!!! Woohoo! What a party! From there we lived in California, Florida, Massachusetts and Rhode Island as he pursued his Military Career as a navigator in the F4 Phantom, and then working for Raytheon Corp. and flying with the R.I.A.N.G....and I raised our three children.

We moved to Rhode Island twelve years ago, and we divorced four years ago, after 34 years of marriage. Since I had just left my job as Comptroller for a group of Attorneys (Olenn & Penza) I took some time off to clear my head, and found a job for a woman who needed a nanny for an eight year old boy. I've been with him for five years, and it's the dream job! She's the CFO for a major corporation, and I live quite comfortably. I adore her child, whose father was a "stay at home dad", until he died suddenly, five years ago.
I can't believe I get paid to do what I did raising my own children!! It's been a real might say, "A match made in heaven!"

Moment of Fame or Famous People You Have Met:

I have no moments of fame, other than in my own mind! I did become friends with the sister of Amelia Earhart, Mrs. Morrissey, who attended Grace Episcopal church, years ago. My greatest regret is that I didn't ask her to sell me a doll that she and Amelia had played with (I have a collection of old dolls) when she told me she had some in her attic, and no children to pass them along to! I don't know what ever happened to them after her death. I'm sure I've entertained angels all my life ~ so many people have ministered to me!

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Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:44 AM
This was taken in 1970, when I was attending Greensboro College.
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:44 AM
I wish I looked like this all the time! I don't, it's a glamor photo....the next one is more me...
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:44 AM
This is more me today.....still don't have a gray hair and don't color my hair at all....
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:44 AM
I live in a condo in an old Queen Anne Victorian, built in 1854, the Rodman House. I love it here, in Rhode Island! Anyone coming through, (that I remember) give me a shout, I still have plenty of "southern hospitality!"