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GARNER — Dale Arthur Abell, 59, passed away Sunday at Pitt Memorial Hospital. Born in Guilford County, he was the son of the late Gordon Ellis Abell and Carrie James Abell.

A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at Holland's United Methodist Church.

Survivors include his wife of 39 years, Trina Boliek Abell; daughter, Carrie Abell Walton and husband, Jud of Raleigh; son, Clay Abell of Garner; sister, Sandra Settle of Homestead, FL; twin brother, David Ellis Abell of Kernersville; and grandson, Judson 'Reid' Walton.

Dale was hardworking, strong, loving, and gentle. He played basketball for Grimsley High School and Greensboro College, and was an avid golfer. Dale worked for over 30 years in the mortgage industry. He was deeply devoted to his family, especially his grandson, Reid. No words can express the impact Dale had on the lives of his family and friends or how much he will be missed.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Benevolence Fund at Holland's United Methodist Church.

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01/11/11 11:45 PM #1    

Katrina Boliek (Abell)

Dale, You Were From…

You were a young boy from a modest home in Greensboro on Westdale Place, Mom—Carrie, who was a nurse and housewife, Dad—Gordon, who was a dairy plant supervisor, an older sister--Sandra, a twin brother—David, and Bobbi--the albino parakeet.

You were a child from a well-manicured lawn, perennial flowerbeds, and birdfeeders hanging from the porch and shade trees.

You, Red Dale, were from family reunions in cabins at Pickerel Lake in Minnesota playing family card games (while giving sign language hints across the table), horseshoes, shuffle board plus hours spent fishing, tubing, and water skiing.

You were a lover of trains from constructing the family trainset with your dad and brother to continuing your own trainset as an adult.

You were a red-haired boy from Lindley Elementary and Lindley Jr. High, drinking Cheerwine and cherry smash fountain drinks at Wolfe’s, while playing “Wooly Bully” on the jukebox.

You were a child from basketball at the YMCA, at Lindley and at Grimsley; baseball at West Market Street; and golf on the park lawn.

You were a teen buying painted turtles from Roses and 45s at The Record Barn at Friendly Shopping Center.

You were a teenager from frog-gigging in the creek, bottling milk at Guilford Dairy, and morning/afternoon paper routes. 

You were from years of singing "Old Mill Stream" with Bill Buckley and the gang in the concrete culvert pipes in Lindley Park. 

You were a teen from a time of a 6’5” gum wrapper chain, songs on 45s, Lindley Sock Hops, and walks in Anniversary Gardens.

You were a teen from the time of sharing your first car with David--that '64 Chevy Impala.

You were from English Leather and Old Spice--Nettletons and Converse high tops as well as low tops.

You were a teen from “Dale’s Able Eight” volleyball, the Boar and Castle, Junior/Senior Proms, and lunches at Ham’s.

You were a young man from West Market Street United Methodist, an MYF hayride, and an 8:30 morning service.

You were a prankster enjoying "payback" tricks geared mostly at your father-in-law who had jumped from behind a bush and startled you as you walked over to our house on Rosebriar to visit and also had poured water in your tennis shoes as you prepared to leave that evening.  Your paybacks included:  jumping from behind the front door as Dad was bringing in the groceries; you yelled, "Hey...Gene!" as he addressed the ball on what would have been a perfect drive!...etc.

You were a student from Greensboro College playing basketball for the Hornets, discovering good friends like Lunar, Kevin, and Sammy B.

You were a freckled-faced young man with a speckled smile from 1969, buying a secret $105 engagement ring at Shiffman's borrowing $5 from Don.

You were from romantic words of love, buying a set of Gwen Frostic blockprint books at the GC Bookstore that are still displayed in our home...These Things Are Ours being the first book in the series. 

You were from our most memorable Wedding Day, October 9, 1971...Saturday at 4 p.m. Lindley Park Baptist Church...Donna played instrumental music by The Carpenters..."We've Only Just Begun"...your father was late since he had not tried on his tux.  He discovered as he dressed that the pants were too tight around his calves, so he placed rubberbands around the cuffs to hold them in place; the director stood on my floor-length veil causing the Juliet cap to move back 2 inches on my head as we moved forward; one of my contact lens popped out as we walked down the aisle...our honeymoon night at The Holiday Inn in Morganton and the  "lost" room key...which we had left in the door when we entered and was discovered the next morning at Desk Services! 

You were a husband from a 39 year marriage, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, The Cub Motel, horseback riding on Old Bill, and a 20th Wedding Anniversary on Captiva Island.

You were a young adult from bicycling with your wife on a tandem, the POOD shirts (Persons Of Outstanding Dumbness), and Penny Poker with friends...Don/Nancy, Steve/Leslie, David/Sharon, Dewey/Beverly, Barret/Allen.

You were "The Blue Fish" talking to "The Southern Comfort" and friends on the CB radio.

You were the in-law visiting your wife's grandparents farm, from a family who enjoyed good food--amazed at Grandmas' variety of home-cooked selections-- being irritated that Aunt Patsy would only eat 1/2 of a delicious biscuit, leaving the other half in the bread basket.

You were from a tall composition, actually the tallest one in our family--ducking through the doorway, walking into the low ceiling light bulb in the kitchen of that very old farmhouse, shattering it all over the kitchen floor--always creating a humorous moment!

You were a music lover from the 60s to the 80s--The Temptations, The Four Tops, James Taylor, Lynrd Skynrd, Heart, and ALL of the “Oldies”...attending concerts such as Sugar Loaf, 5th Dimension, Elton John, Larry Gatlin, John Denver, James Taylor, Donald Fagan, Boz Skaggs, Michael McDonald...but we never saw The Carpenters because our tickets were stolen! 

 You were a man from frequent weekend trips to Appalachian, walks on Sandbridge Beach/Ocean Drive and rooftop views of the fireworks over the Ohio River.

You were a husband and father from trips to Williamsburg, The Apple Barn, Loveland Castle, The Conservatory, Cincinnati Zoo, Twenty-Mile House Restaurant, Montgomery Road Inn, Busch Gardens, Riverfront Stadium, Siesta Key, Disney, Universal and Sea World.

You were a mortgage lender from 30 plus years of experience in North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Florida, and later an employee of “Books Are Fun.”

You were from fun times in 1981 winning a trip to New York City enjoying Mamma Leones, Tavern on the Green, The Rainbow Room, The Empire State Building, the play "Evita" and so much more!

You were a golfer from 9th grade-- playing with Steve McCain, (who actually gave you your first club), David, Don or Frank; you continued this sport playing courses such as Innisbrook, Greenleaf, Little River, Beacon Ridge, The Neuse, and Pinehurst.

You were a man from The Early Service, The Contemporary Service, good times with family and friends, Wednesday Night Dates and Thursday Night Spaghetti.

You were a family man from evenings, weekends, and holidays with Carrie, Clay, and me—receiving a trophy from friends as “Father of the Year”--supporting the kids in their activities such as: girl/boy scouts, dance, gymnastics, swimming, diving, horseback riding, drama, baseball, basketball, golf, and even a season of soccer.

You were a loving father from respectful expectations, who did teach your children this quote from your childhood memories: " I'm gonna hit you so hard, you're gonna hine like a baby, hit with a tin-penny finish, greasy ball-peen hammer!" 

You were a man from Sunday morning oatmeal, going to church, afternoons on the golf course or watching your favorite teams on TV—NC State and Wake Forest with Grace, Carrie’s dog, in your recliner by your side.

You were a man from Florida Golf Trips, Tex Mex on The Causeway, game nights with the kids, fireworks at Lake Benson and outdoor concerts.

You were a husband and father from yard games, night games, grilling cheeseburgers, sitting on the deck, and listening to “oldies” on the Satellite Radio.

You were a friend, brother, and father from texting, Sega Golf, and Dale’s computer time.

You were from frequent trips to Greensboro getting Dewey's haircuts, eating at Yum-Yums and Stameys BBQ.

You were a man from TV--enjoying sports, Westerns, Bones, Big Bang, NCIS, SVU, Andy Griffith, Bonanza, and movies with friends and family.

You were the obnoxious Durham Bulls Fan to some from yelling "Hoodah!" loudly to chomping on peanuts in the shell...breaking a tooth.

You were the host of our annual Super Bowl Party from 5:30 until ? with John, Marian, Mark, Cathy, Mark, Janet, Bill, Lynn and The Budweiser Frogs.

You were a patron from El Dorados, Grill ’57, Outback, Kick Back Jack’s, The Angus Barn, Edwards Mill, Danny’s BBQ, The Farmer’s Market, and Big Ed’s.

You were from a family of early risers, making morning Maxwell House coffee, while whistling any tune in perfect key.

You were from grilling--serving as our weekend and special occasion cook including:  cheeseburgers, steaks, kabobs, fish, shrimp, ribs, chicken...and one burnt chargrilled in the ground in the snow (boyscout style) Christmas turkey--the video still enjoyed to this day!

You were a man loving Trina’s home-cooking—from Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Almond Pound Cake, Country-Style Steak, Baked Chicken, to Caramel Cake using your mom’s icing recipe.

You were from a family who valued your importance--Gordon, Carrie, Sandra, Tom, Gary, David, Sharon, Matthew, Nathan, Clay, Trina, Carrie, Jud, Reid, Willa, Gene, Mark, Ali, Dana, Gracie, Suzie, Craig, Claire, and Rachel.

You were from a loving family who loved and cared about others, including my mom, Willer Mae, who lived with us for 4 years with Fronto Temporal assisted in attending a caregiver conference at the McKimmon Center, walking Mom at the Garner Senior Center, taking her on beach trips, lifting her to the wheelchair, taking her to the Ruth Sheets Center on your way to work, feeding her, and supporting our family and me in her proper care.   

You were a terrific grandfather in 2010 from sunrise to sunset, playing Santa for Reid and the rest of our family--hiding gifts for ALL in the garage that were discovered after you were gone.

Dale, you were a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather.  I miss you so much.  I love you, Dale Abell.  I loved you then, I love you now, and I will love you forever!

Parting is not good-bye, we'll be together again...










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