Who is Going?

One of the best ways to see who is going to the reunion is to click on Classmate Profiles and find the following section.  By clicking the radio button next to each item you will see those registered for that particular function.

     Attending Meet and Greet (10/04/19)17    
       Attending Meet, Greet, and Tour GHS (10/05/19)14    
       Attending The Main Event (10/05/19)22    
       Attending Brunch (10/06/19)10 

However, to make things easier, we will periodically update this section with those registered for the Main Event on Saturday, October 5th, 2019.

Nancy Bass (Drake)   
Bunny Coble (Lewis)    
Brent Cousins   
Deborah Crawford (Mccain)   
Allen Ellis (Covington)   
Laura Jeanes (Pendleton)   
Robert H. W. Jones III     
Carol Keesee    
Trish Kellett    
Mandy Lane (Kinney)   
Terry McFetters (Ball)   
Martha J. Monnett   
Lynn Moore (Gordon)   
Becky Price (Stump)   
Rendy Rendleman (Rendleman)    
Harold E. Rogers (Rogers)    
Gale Sikes   
Craig Siler   
Ellen Smith (Smith)   
David B. Spangler    
Beth Tingley (Gross)   
Pamela Wyrick (West)